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Kim ChartrandSAF Elite Pro Kim Chartrand has yet to win a SAF show, but she’s sure made her mark in a very short time. Kim was the runner-up in the Swimsuit Model category at the 2011 Interactive Nutrition SAF Summer Spectacular on July 16, a placing that earned her SAF Elite Pro status, and she was the runner-up twice again in the 2011 SAF Fall Elite Pro Challenge and the 2011 SAF Elite Pro Championship on October 29. What’s probably most important is that anyone who watched Kim compete on October knows that she has exactly what it takes to win.

We had a chance to sit down with Kim at the very end of 2011 to ask her 15 questions. This is what she said:

SAF: How old are you?

KC: 21.

SAF: How many years have you been seriously training?

KC: One year of serious weight-lifting-type training.

SAF: You’re a full-time university student and you also work part-time. Is it tough to fit training time into that schedule?

KC: Yeah, it can be tough, but I’ve learnt to manage my schedule accordingly.

SAF: What’s your body part do you consider your greatest strength?

KC: My abs, definitely. 

SAF: What’s your favorite body part to train?

KC: I love to train my triceps.

SAF: Favorite exercises?

KC: I have two: triceps pushdowns and lateral raises.

SAF: Favorite brand and flavor of protein shake?

KC: I don’t have a favorite brand, but I love anything that comes in vanilla flavour.

SAF: Favorite cheat food?

KC: Nutella! 

SAF: How did you get introduced to SAF?

KC: I saw advertisements all over Facebook and just decided to compete to see how I’d do.

SAF: Any regrets?

KC: Absolutely not. I had an amazing first year competing.

SAF: You recently did a SAF photoshoot with Paul Buceta, who is probably the best photographer in the fitness industry and produces incredible images. How did you like that?

KC: I loved it! It was such an amazing experience.

Kim Chartrand in

SAF: Would you do another photoshoot?

KC: In a heartbeat!

SAF: Do you have any fitness role models?

KC: I’d have to say Vanda Hadarean. I’m totally jealous of her legs.

SAF: You looked confident on the stage at the 2011 SAF Elite Pro Championships, but we overheard afterwards that you were terrified up there. Were you?

KC: Honestly, I was extremely nervous. I’ve always been nervous when going up in front of a crowd, but I know I will eventually be more confident.

SAF: You’ve had three second-place finishes in 2011 with SAF. Is it safe to assume you’re coming back in 2012 looking for first?

KC: I plan to dominate every SAF competition next year. 

SAF: Thanks, Kim.

KC: Thank you.