Unmatched exposure and opportunities

We produce world-class videos that showcase our competitors on and off the stage!

Here is what our competitors say about us:

For me, SAF is not only one of the best experiences of my life, but also a place where healthy and inspiring women are recognized and supported.
-- Emilie Vaillancourt

I choose SAF because it's a positive federation for women and has a high level of competition. It's also a place where I can be different, strong, and an artist.
-- Emilie Provencher

Before coming to SAF, I competed with many other organizations. When I finally found SAF, it felt like everything the other shows had been missing. SAF shows are fun, well organized, and professional, and make you feel like the star of the show, even as an amateur. The other competitors are like a family and at every show I meet new, amazing women who become friends for life. I can't recommend SAF enough!
-- Dara Cox

To me, SAF is more than just a fitness federation. It is a community of women who are inspiring and empowering each other and I am very proud to be part of this family.
-- Amélie Brisebois

SAF gives women the opportunity to be creative, classy, sexy, and time to showcase their hard work on stage. The videos they produce of their athletes create memories that will last a lifetime. SAF is by far the best organization I have competed in.
-- Josee Moran

SAF is a girly, sexy and classy kind of fitness show -- my kind of show!
-- Katherine Turcotte

Since day one, SAF has had my back. They've rooted for me, supported me, and have given me a world of opportunities that have helped shape my life today.

SAF has given me an incredible platform to celebrate and share my passion for strength and fitness. Even in the off season, SAF stays connected.

Through SAF, I have made lasting friendships and connections with people who inspire me daily.
-- Jenna Chadwick

Serious About Fitness (SAF) delivers a fabulous environment for female fitness inspiration, giving back to the competitor and appreciating them while representing a glamorous and empowering image.
-- Lisa Delahaye

Having competed with a few different federations, I can confidently say that SAF is different and very special. The atmosphere is supportive, fun, and encouraging for all women. What's more, SAF gives back to its competitors – great prizes, ongoing support, and real promotion of its athletes. I won't compete anywhere else. 
-- Edith Syjuco

I am a professional athlete and having attended many organized meets, I have found SAF's events to be first-rate -- professional, well put together, and very respectful to all competitors, from beginner to SAF Pro.
-- Emily Bentivoglio

I absolutely love competing with SAF because they truly care about their athletes and providing a first-class experience. Thanks to SAF, I have had so many wonderful opportunities come my way that have truly changed my life in a positive way and my drive to inspire other women. 
-- Jess Kanstrup

Competing is about so much more than posing in clear heels and bling bikinis. SAF gives you all the preparation and support you need for that special day. If you want to compete, SAF is your family – awesome experiences, lots of fun, and, most of all, great friendships .
-- Carole Wathier

The SAF stage offers the perfect setting to showcase your athletic femininity with confidence and flair! 
-- Mélanie Paxton 

SAF represents wonderful team spirit, a healthy challenge for any athlete, a chance of self-expression on a stage, creativity, and, most of all, it brings out all the potential of femininity in every competitor.
-- Nathalie Brassard

SAF stands out to me as an amazing organization to compete with, because of the camaraderie and friendship between the competitors – it takes away from the stress of competing, as everyone helps you and cheers you on. It’s professional and well-run – you won't feel like just a number. Lots of stage time, and incredible opportunities for people who compete with SAF!
-- Kelly Riddell

When you compete in SAF, you aren't just a number like in any other competitions. SAF supports their athletes, gives back and help promote them, and they also give a unique experience where the athletes really get to showcase all their hard work and hard-earned physique! I had an amazing time on stage and off stage, and what I love the most about SAF is its supporting and friendly atmosphere.
-- Nancy Tang

The women of SAF are amazing and it actually made me have high expectations when I tried to compete elsewhere. To be honest, nothing compares to backstage SAF – you won’t understand until you compete with them!
-- Alana Spadaccini

What sets SAF apart from other organizations is the chance to feel glamorous while showcasing your hard-earned work. The first thing that comes to mind when I describe SAF is not “bodybuilding,” but women who are fit and beautiful and have the chance to express themselves and be glamorous on the stage.
-- Julie Vidinovski