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The Summer and Fall Spectaculars are held at the Canadian Museum of History, located in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. It’s an incredible location that allows us to put on the high-quality competitors we are known for. It’s also a convenient location to compete at – across the street from the CMH are many hotels and restaurants, so competitors don’t need cars to get around.

Gatineau is a picturesque city located adjacent to Ottawa, Canada’s capital – a five-minute walk across multiple bridges traversing the Ottawa River is how far they are apart. The entire area, with a population of almost one million, is called the National Capital Region.

Arrival by air

Competitors traveling by air to the area would fly into the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW). Although public bus transportation is available from the airport to Gatineau, it’s only 25 minutes by car; therefore, a taxi-ride to the Canadian Museum of History or surrounding hotels is typically less than $50.

Since the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier airport is international, flights arrive from the United States and Europe daily.

Arrival by car

Ottawa/Gatineau is about 200 kilometers (126 miles) from Montreal and 453 kilometers (281 miles) from Toronto. Driving time between Montreal and Ottawa/Gatineau is about two hours, while a trip between Toronto and Ottawa/Gatineau is about four and a half hours.

Ottawa/Gatineau is only about 100 kilometers (63 miles) from the United States border, so it’s also very easy for United States competitors to get here, even if those who drive. For example, the distance between:

  • Syracuse, NY, and Ottawa/Gatineau is approximately 312 kilometers (194 miles)
  • Buffalo, NY, to Ottawa/Gatineau is about 543 kilometers (337 miles)
  • Boston, MA, and Ottawa/Gatineau is about 688 kilometers (427 miles)

Arrival by train

Traveling to Ottawa by train is also a possibility because there are trains that arrive from Montreal and Toronto daily (as well as from cities between and beyond). Traveling times by train are often a little faster than by car. The train station is closer to the Canadian Museum of History than the airport is – it should take less than 20 minutes by car.