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This entry information is for the 2018 SAF Summer Women's and Couples' Inspirational Transformation Challenge, to be held on Friday, June 22, as part of the 2018 SAF Summer Spectacular, at the Canadian Museum of History, located in Gatineau, QC, Canada.

About: This competition is open to any woman 18 years of age from anywhere in the world! It is open to women competing in the SAF Spring Spectacular (Open Bikini, Athletic Swimsuit, or Fitness Model categories), as well as women who are not competing in the Open categories. It is a chance for those already competing and have made a transformation to showcase that change. It also allows those not currently competing in the Open categories who have made a transformation to showcase themselves.

Important note: It is OK if your transformation began weeks, months, or even years ago. What matters is that it is underway and that you will present your best self on our SAF stage! 

Special couples option: For women entering who have been working toward their goal with their partner, we have a special "couples option." The woman will be judged on her transformation with the other female competitors, while those who are couples will also have addtional judging, where the combined transformations of the couples will be judged together. (Note: there is not a competition for men alone.)

Judging criteria: Our experienced judges will make a subjective opinion and on the scope and impressiveness of the transformation(s). This means that it is not about who is in the best shape, but, instead, who has come the farthest and made the greatest impression with their transformation.   

Outfit for women: Two-piece bikini, two-piece sportswear, or one-piece swimsuit. Footwear (heels, sandals, runners, or other shoes) are recommended.

Outfit for men (for couples option): T-shirt or tank top with shorts or swimsuit. Footwear is optional, though sandals, runners, etc., can be worn.

Requirements: The goal is to show a healthy fitness-based transformation that can inspire others. The winners will have the most significant and inspiring transformations. Competitors will be asked to send in "Before" and "After" pictures that will be showcased to the audience as they are called to the stage in their outfit. There is no requirement to do a T-walk, though competitors have the option of doing one if they wish to (strictly optional). Competitors will be asked to do informal "quarter turns" on the stage, so the audience and judges can have a better view, but the quality of posing itself will not be judged. The focus is on the transformation of the person (or people for the Couples Option) itself, done in healthy, safe, and inspiring ways.

Prizes: Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in women only and couples!

NOTE: Entry fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

General information

Early Entry fee for women only: $129.99 + GST + QST (regular is $179.99 + taxes)

Early Entry fee for "couples option," which includes woman and her partner: $149.99 + GST + QST (regular is $199.99 + taxes)

Paid entry fee allows FREE entrance for women to SAF "Competition Preparation" Camps. 

There are two steps to enter:

1) Pay the entry fee online via PayPal (if you cannot pay using this service, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

2) Once you are entered, SAF STAFF will contact you within 48 hours to verify your entry, provide information on photo requirements, and answer any questions you may have.

We recommend paying with the PayPal option below. It's safe, secure, easy, and fast. Payment will appear as Starpowerone Entertainment Corporation. You will receive confirmation by email.

To pay your entry fee now with a credit card, debit card or your PayPal account, simply select the button below. Your entry form must still be mailed to us, and electronic payments must be received before the form arrives. You will be notified by us through e-mail that your payment and entry form successfully arrived and you will be kept up-to-date with new developments as the competition date approaches.

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